Hexagon Rom

Based on Lineage OS with the latest, the greatest features from all the custom rom out there. DroidVNTeam hope can bring a whole new experience to android users.

Special Thank To

Android Ice Cold Project, Resurrection Remix, Lineage OS.




Ver : 2.5

Day :

#Hexagon Rom – v2.4 - Android 7.1.2_r17 – 2017-06-09

- Updating security string to 2017-02-06 to release branches

- sensorservice: Fix orientation sensor for HAL's missing rotation vect..

- Update SuperSU to v2.82

- Add gemini (xiaomi mi5)

- Add zl1 to Official devices

- Add Fortunas to Oficial devices

- Add leeco x2 to Official devices

- Fix keyguard is black background while screen turning off/on quickly

- Fix NPE in SettingsLib

- Fix system server crash caused by CME in usage stats

- Fix dead lock in Tethering state machine

- Fix NPE while attempting to get length of null array in FileRotator

- Aapt2: Fix png leak

- SettingsLib: wifi: Fixed AccessPoint tracking for Passpoint networks

- Fix carrier label not getting scaled properly

- Keyguard: disable logspilling debug

- telecom: Fix order of arguments when creating Details object

- sensors: fix native crash when dynamic sensor is removed

- AudioService: don't launch music player while in call

- Fix screenpinning from showing up unless enabled

- Fix the Wi-Fi wrong status when turning Wi-Fi on

- Fixed NPE in canAddMoreManagedProfiles

- fix KeyEvent can't correctly finish when inputmethod time out happened

- Fix permissions for CTS

- Fix lag when opening an entry from the Settings left drawer

- Fix memory leak in WifP2pManager

- Fix an apk icon animation corruption issue

- Fix crash by IllegalStateException in sendAccessibilityEvent

- SystemUI: Misc fixes for right (custom) lockscreen shortcuts

- SystemUI: Specify user while changing brightness mode

- Fix launch music player on headset connect on reboot

- Fix SystemUI FC due to Google Assistant

- Show full alarm info

- Fix crash when calling remove() with a null variable

- Settings: enable fast scroll for all app list views

- Incall Audio Fix For Samsung MSM8916 Devices

- telephony: fix crash when missing simcard

- VoicemailSettingsActivity: Fix NPE

- Fix minor inconsistency in the CDMA call settings

- And more

#Hexagon Rom – v2.4 - Android 7.1.2_r8 – 2017-05-05

- T00F: Add to supported devices

- enable otg notification]

- ef63: Add to supported devices offfical

- Change url Google plus & fb

- Fix APN device Bacon

-New UI Settings

- Change icon Hexagon interface

- change logo no recent app

- Fw_base - Proximity speaker [1/2]

- Resize buton navigation with devices screen hdpi

- Add busy box

- FWB: Volume dialog timeout (1/2)

- Add option to disable scrolling cache [1/2]

- Support for Configurable Trigger Region

- FWB: Implement App circle sidebar [1/2]

- Add boot animation preview (1/

- Add kill button to notification guts [1/2]

- Slim recents: make longpress options size better when small

- [1/2] base: SystemUI: config to hide status bar on lock screen

- Pulse: allow custom opacity for solid line renderer [2/3]

- Pulse: Moar bars for solid line renderer [2/3]

- LuckyPatcher Carnt sniffer

- Slim recents app sidebar [1/2]

- SystemUI: Add config to disable HumanInteractionClassifier

- Set mProximity to PROXIMITY_UNKNOWN on screen off

- Expanded desktop QS: select style on longpress

- build: Pass path into grep instead of using cat

- make suppersu default

- Roomservirce :Fix clone devices

- kenzo: Use MIUI Global Stable build fingerprint

- backuptool: Preserve the SELinux context of the files

- APN updates

- overlay: enable productivity_device for DocumentsUI

- Hex: add NexusLauncherPrebuilt

- deb | flo: Update fingerprints to MOB30X

- bullhead: update build fingerprint

- hammerheadcaf: Update build fingerprint and description to MOB30Y

- Hex: Change wallpaper default final

- apn: Updating Movistar Argentina APN

- cm: charger: Correct res_create_multi_display_surface() usage

- Add libra (mi4c)

- And more